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Limestone Mosaic Tile

To those who design the stonework of a beautiful home, limestone mosaic tile is versatility incarnate. Mosaic Decor has created a selection of Limestone tiles for your home that emphasize the stone’s natural surfaces and colors, without adding tint or polish. This material can easily be used, in general, to bring a naturalistic look to your designs. Formed by deposits of calcite and silica minerals, laid down by eons of shellfish communities in sea beds over one hundred millions years ago, Limestone is the original source of slate, flint, and travertine.

Limestone mosaic tile can be as hard as marble, but many quarries produce rock that is soft and easy to carve. Some forms of the stone can be cut so thinly that light can be seen through it. Often porous in nature, Limestone rarely features bright colors, but can provide a warm earth tone in many of its forms. Our own selection of subway tiles, featuring single inch widths and long lengths, offer you a delicate grey limestone backsplash tile, muted in color and honed in texture, for a wonderful grey accent to rooms dominated by white or pastel themes. For exotic forms and calm colors, Limestone is a great choice, and when you want to create an earthy theme for your home, our Limestone selections will serve you well.

Limestone tiles for any design applications