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Onyx Mosaic Tile Selection

You may tend to think of Onyx as a glossy, intensely black semi-precious stone, and as a material too expensive for Onyx mosaic tile. Polished black is the form that Onyx most often takes when it is used as jewelry, but there are an incredible array of varied colors and textures in natural onyx, and Mosaic D├ęcor has brought many of them into its overall selection. Derived from a banded type of chalcedony, Onyx can serve as a kitchen backsplash, a wall or even a floor material. You can also find Onyx mosaic tile in white, in pink, and in numerous other colors, and these colors can be matched with multiple surface textures, as well. Onyx tends to be a strong stone, and when used for a shower floor, offers extraordinary water resistance when properly maintained.

When you are considering stone such as marble or onyx for your kitchen backsplash, you will have the best of function and form. Onyx, when polished, has a perfect sheen, and when displayed in rough or honed texture, it offers a purity of color that is difficult to find elsewhere. When you use Onyx mosaic tile, you can enjoy a versatile stone that can be incorporated into calm or exotic designs, and which brings the strength and beauty of jewelry to your home.

Onyx Mosaic Tiles