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Porcelain Mosaic Tile Selection

Created from the best clays, porcelain mosaic tile receives longer baking time than ceramic tiling. The shine of porcelain is always among the most impressive visual styles that tiling can provide, and Mosaic Décor is happy to offer its collection of Porcelain tiles. Porcelain is harder and more water-resistant than most ceramics and it is equally versatile in its looks and colors. With so many strengths as tiling material, good Porcelain tile will cost you more, and last longer, while offering more intense visual effects than ceramics. Originally developed from kaolin clays by the Chinese, today Porcelain mosaic tile is one of the most attractive and materials for your tiling needs on either, floor, wall or kitchen backsplash.

Extremely dense and hard, porcelain requires special treatment when installed. If you intended to install porcelain yourself, be aware that it will cut differently than ceramics. Some homes feature ceramics for larger installations, reserving the glossy and expensive porcelains for their kitchen backsplashes. With a basic translucent character that allows some light to pass through its thickness, Porcelain tiles will probably be thinner than ceramics, and its ability to absorb beautiful glazes give it a sheen that cannot be duplicated. Our selection of Porcelain tile includes segmented Porcelains mixed with glass, ceramic and metals, while other selections are exclusively Porcelain material. The finest designs rely on the finest materials, and your Mosaic Décor has the perfect Porcelain tile for your home.

Porcelain Mosaic Tiles