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Wood Mosaic Tile

The look of a bathroom tile can be shiny and bright, flat and dark, or any number of things. Many home designers take great joy in adding exotic styles to a shower or bathroom, and Mosaic Decor is proud to offer these innovators with several unusual tile selections, including this wood mosaic tile. Our Wood selection features coffee tree materials, honed and waterproofed, and they can bring a fantastic outdoor feeling to you shower walls and floors.

With their brown and tan colors, and with their circular segments of various diameters slightly tinted with brown bark rings, our Wood mosaic tiles brings lighter, pastel tan hues to add to your overall theme. The special coating of water sealant provides excellent traction, as does the “Rounds” design of the tile, feature numerous segments of material in the shape of large coins, flat and circular, a specialty of Mosaic Décor’s vast array of tile designs. Our Wood mosaic tile can be combined beautifully with a color scheme of travertine browns in the bathroom, and as a kitchen backsplash, provides a magnificent addition to any greenery or other outdoors effects. Try our Wood mosaic tile with any ecological theme and enjoy the feel of strong wood supporting your home.

Wood Mosaic Tiles

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