At Mosaic Decor Tile showroom Fairfax, we offer the most environmentally friendly flooring options in ceramic and porcelain tiles. You can gain even LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points for your ‘humble abode’ by opting for Tile floors from our Tile showroom in Fairfax.

Cookie Points in favor of Tiled Floor at Mosaic Decor Tile showroom Fairfax!

  • Tiled floors can last a lifetime. There is a reason that many grand structures through ages, around the world have tiled floors.
  • Tiles are generally non-conducive to dust, germ, and mold accumulations. Also, they have virtually zero volatile organic compound emission rate, unlike wood and carpets.
  • Tiled floors require minimum maintenance. Mostly just water is enough to take care of all kinds of messes.
  • Also, it is the best recyclable option, there is just a small amount of water being discarded as waste and virtually no minerals are discarded to landfills.

Find your Perfect Tile Floor at Mosaic Decor Tile showroom Fairfax  

Now that you have decided upon tiles as your flooring option, visit Mosaic Decor Tile showroom Fairfax to view all the options available to you in our walk-in Tile showroom in Fairfax.

Classic Checkerboard design for open spaces

Classic light and dark combination of white tiles alternated with black tiles, with similar or contrasting sizes in perhaps one of the most striking floor tiling technique. The use of this particular pattern symbolizes regal surroundings and vast, open, ballroom-like spaces. At Mosaic Decor Tile showroom Fairfax   you can find many variations of this classic flooring design.

Dark and light combo to make your art pop

If you are an art enthusiast, consider alternating your walls and floor with dark walls with light floors, or light walls with dark floor. This alteration of color scheme will make your walls more prominent. Thereby, making any art pieces or objects on a wall or placed on the floor more significant and focused. Mosaic Decor Tile showroom Fairfax   showcases a wide collection of tiles for you to choose from,

Dark-Toned floor for modern spaces

Darker Toned flooring tiles can give a simple room more character. Therefore, Mosaic Decor Tile showroom Fairfax has assembled a remarkable collection of darker toned flooring tiles ranging in color from classic black and browns to eccentric blues and coppers. Our Tile showroom in Fairfax showcases various samples of these breathtaking designs.

Light-Toned floor to create open spaces

When floor space in your room is of pivotal importance, then look no further than Mosaic Decor Tile showroom Fairfax. Here we have perfect flooring tiles choices for you to make your room look bigger and brighter. With lightly tinted tiles in dove grays, muted silvers and beiges, you can give more light to your room. You can visit our Tile showroom in Fairfax to view these delicate colors and make a real-time assessment.

Patterned Floor for rooms to make a statement!!

A beautifully patterned floored, coordinated with two or more colored tiles to set off the different aspects of the pattern are favored by many customers at Mosaic Decor Tile showroom Virginia. You can visit our Tile showroom in Fairfax to discuss your own customized pattern choice. Be it, a bold border with smaller delicate designs scattered symmetrically within, or statement-making concentric designs, at our Tile Showroom in Fairfax you can choose your preference.

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